Welding Qualification Services

Surecheck can also offer the services for qualifying your Coded Welders and weld procedure qualifications.

For more information on welding qualifications UK visit our sister company website – wq-ic.co.uk. As one of the top schools for welding certification, we organise welding qualifications in the UK for pressure equipment safety regulations & other regulatory requirements, such as the Construction Products Regulations.

Our team is led by a Certified International and European Welding Engineer. This ensures technical competence and correct interpretation of welding and brazing standards.

All our staff are highly skilled non destructive testing technicians and fully certified in accordance with ISO 9712 for relevant disciplines and hold PCN/CSWIP for welding inspection activities. We have a wealth of knowledge with a proven track record relating to weld procedure qualifications, testing of welders, visual inspection of welds standard and welding qualifications UK standard.


Weld Procedure Qualifications UK

Various Industry sectors and organisations use a wide range of terminology to mean the same thing, hence this could include; welding procedure tests, welder coding tests, coded welder tests, welder approval tests and coded welding tests, all of which usually originate from an application standard or contract specifications. In recent years the word welding procedure approval and welder approval have been changed by ISO (International Standards Organisation) to ‘weld procedure qualifications’ and ‘welder qualification tests’ so that this falls in line with the ASME terminology.

We specialise in Welding Qualifications and Certification for both companies and individuals.

Qualifications can be carried out in accordance with any of the following standards: BS EN ISO 15614-1, BS EN ISO 15613, BS EN ISO 15614-7 or 8, BS EN ISO 9606 or ASME IX. Other standards can also be applied as and when requested, these include AWS D1.1, etc.

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Working with one of the Department for Business & Trade approved bodies, we can offer UKAS accredited coded welding certification.
We’re aware that the welding qualification standards can be quite complex. So please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual welding qualification requirements. We can discuss your individual needs in more detail with our certified welding or senior welding inspectors.

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