Radiographic Testing (RT)

Radiography Non Destructive Testing (RT), or X-Ray Weld Inspection, is a non destructive examination technique to view the internal structure of a component. Radiography is used to detect flaws, to identify weld repairs, and it is also used for weld tests and more.

How Radiographic Testing Works

RT Weld Inspection is one of the most common forms of non destructive testing due to its ability to detect discontinuities internally within the structure of welds. Radiography weld inspection allows the user to establish internal quality of a weld without damaging or destroying the component. X-Ray weld inspection involves the use of X-Rays produced by an X-Ray tube that penetrate the material and help us gain a clearer idea of any imperfections that are present within the weld. These pass through the material onto a film, resulting in the internal structure of the material being displayed on the film, working similar to how X-Ray non destructive testing works in the medical industry.

The thickness and density of the object determines how much energy from the X-Ray is absorbed by the object during the RT weld inspection. Areas that do not absorb sufficient energy will then appear dark when the film is developed, whereas thicker and more dense areas of the object will appear lighter. This gives a permanent film record of the structural density of the object that is relatively easy to interpret and understand by trained & certified radiography interpretation personnel.

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Visit SureCheck Today

Surecheck specialise in volumetric testing techniques (RT) and offer a range of bespoke radiographic testing services delivered by an experienced team qualified to PCN level II & III.

As one of the leading non descrutive testing companies in the UK, our X-Ray technicians operate within our own well-equipped facility based on Hawks Green Business Park in Cannock, we have three X-Ray bays available that accommodate various shapes and sizes and can handle up to 2.5 ton in weight & 5.5 meters in length.

On a daily basis we X-ray welder qualification test pieces, welding procedure test pieces and vessels of all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials, including pipe welding X-ray inspection. Our X-ray machines are capable of penetrating thickness of up to 50mm.

We can provide testing at client premises subject to a risk assessment. This can potentially provide more options to our clients.

Our in house X Ray weld inspection and film processing facilities provide us with the ability to complete work during day time hours in a timely manner to suit customer requirements.

The standards that we regularly work in accordance with are BS EN ISO 17636, BS EN 1435 or ASME IX and assess the radiographs in accordance with a range of standards, including BS EN ISO 9606, BS EN ISO 15614, ASME IX, BS EN ISO 5817 or ASME IX. Application / construction standards also include BS 2633, BS 4677, EN 13455 etc.

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